Gaona Guac

I am very exited to share this recipe because it comes from my wonderful roommate, Jenny. She was kind enough to teach me her family’s recipe for authentic Mexican guacamole, which we have named “Gaona Guac.” The secret to her delicious dip is to simply estimate the amount of each ingredient based on whats look […]

Oatmeal Part II: Overnight Oats from Emily

I am very pleased to introduce the second (and, sadly, the final) installment of my oatmeal series featuring Emily. Even though it’s the middle of October, it’s over 80 degrees in Davis! Since it still feels like summer up there, Emily loves making overnight oats so she can wake up to a refreshing and chilled […]


Cornbread is one of me and Emily’s guilty pleasures. Yes, we admit that cornbread is an odd thing to have as a guilty pleasure because it’s not a pint of cookie dough ice cream or a sinfully delicious chocolate bar. Nonetheless, it is a dangerously guilty pleasure for us because we have a serious love-hate […]