“Caprese” Salad with Avocado

With summertime on its way, I thought I would celebrate a little early with a fresh salad that I always associate with the warm days of the summer season. One of my favorite parts about the season are heirloom tomatoes, which have started to crop up in grocery stores. They come in a beautiful variety of colors […]

Grilled Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Sandwiches are one of the most perfect go-to foods for any meal. They’re quick and easy to make, super versatile, and conveniently portable. My all-time favorite sandwich is the classic PB&J, but I like to change things up and do meat and veggie sandwiches, too. Although there are almost an infinite number of things you […]

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Orange Cookies from Emily

Emily has returned with a delicious and allergy-friendly dessert recipe. These chocolate chip pistachio orange cookies are full of surprises that will tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy that sweet tooth. Enjoy! xx Hello again! I am back with a delicious cookie recipe that is both gluten and dairy free. I know what you must be thinking: […]


Cornbread is one of me and Emily’s guilty pleasures. Yes, we admit that cornbread is an odd thing to have as a guilty pleasure because it’s not a pint of cookie dough ice cream or a sinfully delicious chocolate bar. Nonetheless, it is a dangerously guilty pleasure for us because we have a serious love-hate […]