Watermelon, Strawberry, and Mint Salad

We had some sweltering temperatures in California this week, but this salad was the perfect way to cool off. Chilled watermelon is a go-to summertime snack because of its refreshing nature, but this recipe takes refreshment to a whole new level. The strawberries add a more potent sweetness, while the mint boosts the flavor and […]

“Caprese” Salad with Avocado

With summertime on its way, I thought I would celebrate a little early with a fresh salad that I always associate with the warm days of the summer season. One of my favorite parts about the season are heirloom tomatoes, which have started to crop up in grocery stores. They come in a beautiful variety of colors […]

Winter Quinoa Salad

We may still be stuck in this record breaking California weather, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying all of the delicious flavors the season has to offer. To celebrate winter, I decided to make a quinoa salad inspired by one of my favorite flavor combinations: cranberry and orange. Although this delicious pairing is most […]